Tree removals in The lake Macquarie Region


Fallen trees can cause massive damage to your property. That’s why the experts at True Blue Australian Tree Services provide clear assessments of all the trees that could put your residence at risk.
Call us today and we will:

  • Organise a time with you for a free assessment/quote.
  • Tell you verbally what we believe needs to be done.
If you then wish to use our services, we will:

  • Make sure that your property is safe.
  • If tree work is required, we will ensure that the site is left clean & tidy.
  • If aerial work is required, we have qualified staff members who are trained both in working at heights & chainsaw safety.
Tree Removal — Tree Removals in Silverwater, NSW

Tree Removal

The crew at True Blue Australian Tree Services are experienced in hazardous tree removals, tree removals in confined spaces and palm tree removal. We use the safest and most efficient methods and equipment to keep you and your property protected at all times. We diligently adhere to all legal regulations to keep all parties free of the hefty fines that are possible for illegal tree removals.

Stump Grinding & Removal

If you have a tree stump that is a trip hazard, has pathogenic or fungal activity, or is simply an eyesore, True Blue Australian Tree Services has the solution you need! Our professional crew is helmed by our Certificate 3 Arborist with almost 20 years of experience. Our special equipment is able to grind stumps 200-400 mm beneath the surface of the soil to completely remove them from sight and mind. All debris will be cleared away and cleaned up thoroughly.

Block Clearing

Block clearing refers to the removal of multiple trees in the same area. It typically involves stump grinding and debris removal via an excavator. True Blue Australian Tree Services specialises in safe, efficient block clearing in residential and commercial developments. Our certified arborist can also advise you about the current bushfire laws and regulations that you need to be aware of to stay in compliance.
Tree Pruning — Tree Removals in Silverwater, NSW

Tree Pruning

The pros at True Blue Australian Tree Services are seasoned experts at tree pruning. We can remove selected branches to accentuate a tree’s beauty or concentrate on removing dead or diseased branches to help extend the life of a tree. Tree pruning is a preventative measure for protecting your vehicle and/or property from damage by falling branches. We practice crown reduction as opposed to destructive tree topping, which is against Australian standards.
Woodchipping — Tree Removals in Silverwater, NSW


All of the debris from tree removals and stump grinding can be put into our woodchipper to make mulch. We can leave this with you to use in your garden or clean it up thoroughly and take it away with us. Mulch makes a great topsoil, retains moisture and suppresses weed growth. Just remember that it’s best to let it age and dry out for at least 12 months before using it.
Firewood — Tree Removals in Silverwater, NSW


At your request, True Blue Australian Tree Services will turn the stumps and select branches from the trees we remove into stackable fire wood. We will cut it to your desired length and leave it for you to stay warm and cook with. This affordable, elective service can save you a lot of money compared to buying firewood elsewhere.
Bee Removal — Tree Removals in Silverwater, NSW

Bee Removal

True Blue Australian Tree Services specialises in safe and humane bee removal from your trees and property. We take every measure to minimise the damage that the hive sustains. Our licensed arborist has the knowledge, skill, and equipment needed to remove bees via a safe vacuuming device. We then take appropriate measures to reestablish the hive elsewhere.